Repairing wall cracks & broken roof tiles could cost you thousands!

Get a Building Inspection

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make in your life. Obtaining a quality building report as part of your process assists you in understanding that it’s a solid investment.

Your building report also supports you as the buyer when discussing the findings with the real estate agent, vendor or builder.

Cracking and movement usually is just part of the house’s story, however, sometimes it can be more. Our inspectors are fully trained to see the many other signs indicating a high repair bill on a property with major defect issues.

Home Inspections for A Better Peace Of Mind recommends a Building Inspection when buying property to help you avoid any nasty financial surprises, such as major defects or a lot of minor defects.

A Building Inspection Report will identify major & minor defects to the property, including:

  • Damage to structural elements of the property
  • Conditions that may lead to structural damage
  • Defects – internal and external
  • Any incomplete construction
  • Safety Issues
  • Recommendations for any relevant trades required for the repair required.

Building Inspection FAQ

Why is a building inspection important?

The peace of mind offered by a building inspection is invaluable. If any major structural defects are identified during the inspection, we’ll let you know, so you can make an informed decision about what repairs to carry out. Simply put, a building inspection report will let you know just how safe and sound your property is.

If my building inspection report is favourable, did I really need it?

Definitely! Your first inspection report provides a valuable benchmark of your property’s condition – and properties change over time for a variety of reasons, e.g renovations, wear and tear, tree & shrub growth etc. If carried out regularly, multiple reports will allow you to monitor and measure changes, allowing you to plan repairs of minor defects – before they become major ones!

Is a building inspection necessary for newer properties?

Put simply, yes. Newer construction is no longer a problem-free guarantee. And while many newer homes are well built, we still find serious defects regularly. Your building inspection is essential for identifying items that need rectification before the builders warranties expire.

When will I receive the inspection report?

We’ll call you with a verbal report on the same day as the building inspection and unless urgent, this will happen once your building inspector has returned to the office. This means they can spend time going through the details of the report without the time constraints of calling while still on the road between inspections. We’ll also make sure you receive the report by email, which is again, sent on the same day your inspection is conducted.

What if my report reveals problems?

No property is perfect. If your building inspector identifies defects and explains them to you, you’ll now know what to expect.

Can you do both a building inspection and a pest inspection?

Yes, we will send out qualified inspectors – 98% of our clients require a Property and Timber Pest Inspection – Ask about our combined inspection services – Building, Timber Pest, Asbestos, Mould Inspections. We can also provide Special Purpose Reporting for homeowners as required.

Do you get on the roof?

Subject to the Workplace Health & Safety practice we will access the roof when and where possible. If the roofing material is unsafe to walk on; the roof has a steep pitch, is slippery or not be accessible from a 3.6-metre ladder then we will be unable to fully assess the roof. However, we will do everything within our scope to assess the roof and may be able to view it from the ladder or a second-story window or balcony.

You can be assured that Home Inspections for A Better Peace Of Mind:

  • Understands you want qualified specialists with extensive knowledge and years of Home inspecting experience to inspect your property.
  • We provide detailed and unbiased Building and Pest Inspection reporting  according to Australian Standards 4349.1 & 4349.3
  • We provide quality inspections and customer services to all clients.

Building Inspections are conducted in and around Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Gippsland & La Trobe Valley and all other areas of Victoria Our experience & expertise focuses on ensuring your fuller understanding of the property.

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