Find out why we think you need a building & pest inspection in Mornington Peninsula:

After conducting hundreds of building and pest inspections on the Mornington Peninsula over the last 30 years, our view is while newer developments are generally in better condition, structural issues common to the area are beginning to appear more often in many older buildings – and may need costly repair work.

Two of the most common problems we find in properties in the area and surrounding suburbs are:

Rising Damp

Unfortunately, what makes Mornington such a special place – its proximity to the ocean and bay – also makes homes here susceptible to rising damp.  Not only can rising damp be a health hazard to anyone living in an affected house, it can also cause damage to the house itself, something we most commonly see in concrete, brick and wood structures in the area. 

Rising damp can also cause wet rot (timber becomes soft and spongy) and dry rot (crumbling or growth on timber) and may itself be caused by any one of many different, often hidden, problems in the building structure.


We often find evidence of termite infestations in houses in the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs. The sandy soil of this area makes it easy for the termites and borers to manoeuvre through the area and into homes to find their next feed.

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How ABPOM can help

All of ABPOM’s inspections follow a strict checklist that will allow you to know for sure whether or not your prospective property is subject to issues that may concern you.

We conduct all inspections according to Australian Standard AS 4349.3, and our inspectors and technicians are registered with the Department of Health, Victoria.

Keep reading for some quick and easy need-to-knows about Mornington and its surrounding suburbs – and why you should choose Home Inspections For A Better Peace of Mind!

About the Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is where residents can live the coastal holiday dream all year round.  It’s a relaxed lifestyle, all cafe charm – without the hustle and bustle of the city!

Located under an hour from Melbourne, the suburbs that make up the Mornington Peninsula – Mount Eliza, Mount Martha, Rosebud, Somerville, Hastings, Rye & Dromana – all have an amazing urban and beachside lifestyle mix, never far from incredible views of the ocean and beyond.

Silhoutted people walking on Frankston Pier on the Mornington Peninsula at sunset.
Take a relaxing stroll along Frankston Pier at sunset


The Mornington Peninsula is undergoing a massive transformation as it becomes more and more popular, not just for purchases of holiday homes but also for family residences to enjoy an everyday relaxed lifestyle. 

Across the Mornington Peninsula’s suburbs, you’ll find a good spread of new contemporary townhouses, 4 storey apartments and the older brick residences which are common in parts of Mornington itself. 

In Sorrento, you can choose a modern townhouse or a humble 1950 and 1960s beach house in Tootgarook. In Rosebud, you will find the older style historical beach shacks, many now being restored after discovery by sea-changers. While Portsea has modern or grand style beach holiday homes set on large parcels of land.


In the 2016 census, the Mornington Peninsula’s population came in at just under 155,000. 2020 estimates now put this around 169,000.

Just under 38% of households in the area are families with children, with couples showing at least one parent working full time in the majority. Older couples without children make up for 16% of households.

The area has a median age of 46, with children up to the age of 14 making up 17% of the population, while over 65’s account for 25%.

Aerial panorama of Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula, near Melbourne
Aerial view of Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula


If you are moving here with children, you have plenty of primary and secondary education options with 50 schools in the area, made up of 36 primary schools, 11 high schools and 3 special schools. 37 of these schools are public, 8 Catholic and 5 private.

From the My Choice Schools website, Mount Eliza North Primary School is the highest-rated primary, scoring an “A” rating for academic proficiency. The highest-rated public high school is also found in Mount Eliza – Mount Eliza Secondary College, scoring a “B-“, while Toorak College is the highest-rated private school, with an “A+” ranking.


In 2016, the top 3 employment industries across the Peninsula were: Construction (13%), Health Care & Social Assistance (13%) and Retail (11%). Professional positions made up the majority of occupations across all industries in the area at 19%, with Technicians and Trades workers at 18%

Travel & Transport

And if you’re getting away or commuting to work, the Peninsula Link and the Frankston Bypass offer a dream run into the city and suburbs.  Alternatively, hop on the leisurely Searoad Ferry from Sorrento, which can take you and your car to Geelong, the Great Ocean Road and the Bellarine.

Things To Do

Stay close to town for cafes and fine dining at the restaurants scattered along the bay’s edge.  Visit hinterland wineries or laze on the best Melbourne beaches or stroll through the Wednesday Mornington markets, there is always something to do. 

For the more adventurous, there are bushwalking tracks and bike trails abound or spend a quiet day at the many front bay beaches and beautiful coastal back beaches.

Our Mornington Peninsula team can also help you with:

Why choose Home Inspections For A Better Peace Of Mind?

Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions that you will make in your life. Obtaining a quality building inspection report assists you in understanding that it’s a solid investment.

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With over 30 years of experience, our award-winning fully licenced and insured building inspectors work only in your interest, providing fully independent reports, supporting you as the buyer when discussing our findings with real estate agents, vendors or builders. Our staff do not disclose who the inspection is being conducted for.

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Great customer service and rewarding relationships with our clients is always our goal, so why not find out how Home Inspections For A Better Peace Of Mind can help you find your new home in the Mornington Peninsula area!


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