Domestic Pest Control

Stop pestsDomestic Pest Control

Pests threaten building structures and utilities in many ways. Infestation leads to a range of structural problems including damage to foundation and components such as walls and ceilings. If left unaddressed, the building’s framework can deteriorate and eventually collapse. Pest infestation puts people at risk including structural and monetary investment. Damage to different parts of the building can accumulate to costly repairs. Damage may also include other building components such as carpets, furniture, and wiring.

Pests also pose health risks. People exposed to pests such as borer and termites can suffer from allergic reactions. In some cases, people may also develop respiratory diseases over time. Unless you address infestation, allergies and other health complications will persist. Additionally, when a specific group of bugs thrives in an area, they bring other types of insects such as ticks, mites and fleas. Increased number of pests leads to more problems. They can contaminate food sources and spread all types of illnesses.

The number of risks associated with pests emphasizes the importance of pest control. Pest control and management refers to the systematic approach in regulating and eliminating population of insects and bugs in a specified area. All building owners must carry out pest control solutions to prevent damage to their structure, incidence of allergic reactions and health complications.

Home Inspections For A Better Peace of Mind specializes in domestic termite inspection and pest control services. We have a team of inspection and pest control professionals with experience and expertise to check and manage infestations in buildings. Our staff  are fully trained and Department of Health Victoria licensed to carry out a range of pest management solutions.

Our team is on standby and ready to address client concerns upon request. We will coordinate with you and arrange an inspection schedule. Depending on your location and requirements, we can send a team on the same day. We provide same day verbal and comprehensive reports within 24 hours respectively.
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