Simple: Termite or borer damage can be one of the most expensive problems a property can suffer.

Our termite inspection service sends an expert who will check for current infestations of live termites and borers, any old termite or borer workings/damage, any fungal decay and any potential access points or weaknesses in the property’s boundaries that may allow access.

All pest inspections are conducted in both the sub-floor and ceiling spaces, subject to access. Many people think because the house is on a slab that they are not susceptible to termite attack, unfortunately, they are very wrong.

Being on a slab means that no sub-floor inspection can be conducted and the inspector must look for mud trails and other access points. This can all be done at the pre-purchase building inspection and a strongly recommended termite treatment or preventative measure be put in place around your home or investment property.

Most importantly termites can travel underground for up to 200m looking for food (wood) Our inspectors will check your immediate surrounds for any potential termite workings & lodgings.

A pest infestation can be one of the most damaging problems a property can suffer. Our pest inspector will check for both current live termite infestations, as well as evidence of any prior infestation.

Any & All termite damages & repairs that occur to your property are NOT covered by your home insurance, therefore it is absolutely vital to ensure your home is not susceptible to termite attack – Prevention is cheaper and better than the cure when it comes to termite attack.

All pest inspections are conducted both sub-floor and in-ceiling spaces as are practicably accessible. Termite Inspections must be conducted annually. Should there be no preventive barrier in place on the property, then an inspection every 3 months as an early detection method is strongly advised.

All inspections are conducted according to Australian Standard AS 4349.3. All inspectors and pest technicians are registered with the Department of Health Victoria.

Call to discuss your concerns and we will organise a termite technician to inspect your property.

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