Pre-Auction Inspection

house_auction_landingSnapping up a BARGIN at Auction

Auctions can be a great place to snap up a bargain, but imagine if that bargain ended up costing you thousands of dollars due to unseen pest damage or compromised structural integrity of  the building.

When you  purchase at auction, the contract is usually unconditional when the gavel falls on the day of sale. Should you find a problem after the auction you have no avenue for recourse.
This is  why it's so important to carry out YOUR due diliagence by organising a  Pre-Auction inspections - Investing in property through auction may mean you are buying a property with a  sketchy history. We at Home Inspections for A Better Peace of Mind stick to a strict checklist that will allow you to know for sure whether or not your prospective property has any damage that should concern you.

When carrying out a Pre  Auction inspection , our staff DO NOT disclose to the agent whom the inspection is being conducted for...

This give YOU the edge on the Auction sale by knowing the finer  details of property prior to auction.

Most Real Estate Agents will be more than happy for an inspection to be carried out prior to the auction. Only when full pre purchase inspections are done, are you fully aware of what you are buying prior to committing and you can use the reports in helping to decide whether or not you are prepared to bid for the property.

Should you consider a offer prior to auction, Your pre purchase inspection will provide  a fuller undersatnding of the property.

- Either way Auction enviroments are exciting and easy to get carried away in, SO as a buyer - DO Your Due Diligence Before Bidding to BUY 


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